Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 16, 2013

If you wish to move into empowered change in the most direct and swift way possible, the way to do that is to surrender.  People are afraid of surrender.  Most people who want change are already feeling overwhelmed and out of control and perceive surrender to be even more of that energy. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Heartfelt surrender allows the endless supports from the universe to sweep in and navigate you to your highest good.  Surrendering to the flow is choosing the path of ease.  Many people fear surrendering to the flow will amount to careening about wildly. Dear Ones, how could that be so?  How could you be undirected with so many loving guides on your side?  And again, we remind you, the flow comes with a steering wheel and feedback mechanism you can use any time you choose.  It is called gratitude.  If you do nothing more than use surrender, flow and gratitude, you will have all the elements necessary for profound, empowered change in your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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