Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 2, 2013

Surrender and flow are such vital aspects to living a more empowered life. They are so key because they help people stay in a state of acceptance and allowing, and from there it is very easy to connect with the magic of the Now. Let us give you an example. Let us suppose there is a big traffic jam. If a person is trying to navigate their life path strictly through control, this is a very frustrating experience, indeed. They feel extremely upset and angry, their blood pressure rises, getting more uncomfortable by the minute over a situation they simply cannot change. Now an enlightening human being, who navigates their life path through surrender and flow might feel initially upset, but will quickly embrace the fact that nothing can be done. They surrender and find flow within a situation that appears to be stuck. They trust that being held up is for their highest good. So they are able to find acceptance and allowing for the situation. From that place of acceptance, they are calm and comfortable and can then choose to perhaps listen to good music, meditate or any other quiet activity that brings them pleasure. Both humans will get to their destination at the same time, but one will have used his time wisely and supported his health and future manifestations. Dear Ones, surrender and flow can always be applied, even in situations that don’t seem to have movement. Surrender, flow, acceptance and allowing are all vital tools in the toolkit of the enlightening human being. ~Archangel Gabriel

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