Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 27, 2016

Movement and lulls are part of the process of progress. One is not more right than the other, as both hold very specific gifts for you. It is you that assigns your perception of right or wrong from your limited vantage point. The second you make anything wrong, you enter into resistance, which will only stall your progress and make you feel more uncomfortable.

Most people do better with movement than lulls because in a movement phase progress is tangible. But the movement phase cannot occur without the lull. You see, during the times of quiet there are energetic shifts that occur that are necessary for the next phase. The lull is what prepares you for action! If you become resistant during this phase it becomes much more difficult for you to integrate the energies that are essential for the next round of movement. You cannot resist and accept at the same time.

Dear Ones, allow us to reassure you that nothing is ever wrong! There is always, always purpose to everything you experience. The way to find greater comfort and satisfaction is to fully embrace whatever energies are presenting. The act of complete and total acceptance allows you to fully harness the gifts of any stage and to move with the flow willingly and beautifully. The universe is always conspiring to help you and giving you just what you need. ~Archangel Gabriel

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