girl blowing dandelion seeds trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday January 5, 2022

Many of you want to experience more ease in your lives. Ease comes from following your heart, being willing to be guided, being willing to receive, and using your conscious awareness to follow the signs and synchronicities of the flow with your faith and trust. You cannot experience ease and practice resistance at the same time because ease is a state of acceptance and gentle expansion while resistance is a state of defiance and contraction. Or, if you prefer, ease is a 5D trait, and resistance is a 3D trait. You get to choose which system you operate from, Dear Ones, and we highly recommend you put your time and focus into energies that can get you where you wish to go. Do you have old habits to release and new habits to anchor so you can finally experience the ease you crave? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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