Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 14, 2021

One of the most constant concerns we hear from you is, “How do I know if I’m blocked or in my own way?” We would like to help you explore this today with the following questions:

Are you surrendered? Not just surrendered but in willing acceptance of what the flow is supporting, be it an action or rest phase?

Have you given navigating through surrender, faith, flow, and trust a fair and consistent chance or have you just dabbled?

Are you watching for and trusting the subtle bumps and nudges, the signs and synchronicities that point the way, or do you stall in doubt?

Do you need to loosen up into broader intention?

Are you practicing acceptance and/or willing to receive?

Are your dreams incomplete? Are they playing too small when your soul wants to go bigger? Is there a piece you can add in that would shift the energy of your dream to make it more complete? Can you cast your net wider?

Do you practice gratitude or are you in perpetual trouble-shooting mode?

Have you shifted out of being exclusively in the head into more heart-centred navigation?

Do you include yourself in your own loving service by prioritizing self care and alignment?

Have you released powerlessness and wanting to be rescued with stepping into your own empowerment and creation?

Have you replaced efforting with flow?

Are you trusting your beingness and allowing it to lead the way?

Do you actively acknowledge and reassure any parts of yourself that are afraid of change with your own love and guidance?

Is your acceptance practice stronger than your resistance practice?

Is your curiosity stronger than your need to control?

Is your faith and trust stronger than your fear and doubt?

Are you actively asking for help and then willing to receive it when it comes?

Do you honour the unfoldment by recognizing stepping stones and being willing to see where they lead you?

Are you settling for staying in the known rather than being willing to venture into the unknown?

We understand you like to be efficient and these questions should help you identify any little tweaks or adjustments you can make. If you can spot a place where there is room for improvement, that is a wonderful awareness! No need to beat yourself up, with this new piece of wisdom you now have an opportunity to redirect. Remember, you can’t kick yourself up the staircase of enlightenment but you can certainly love and encourage yourself there.

If you read through this list and you feel like you have all the things necessary in place, you aren’t blocked, you are simply in energetic preparation for your own individualized wave to come and sweep you forward into your next grand adventure when the timing is perfect for your greatest success. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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