Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 15, 2020

Many enlightening human beings struggle with procrastination. While there are many causes for procrastination, we would like to discuss a little known one today which is difficulty with shifting from one energy to another.

Many empaths find it difficult to switch gears. Rapid or sudden changes from one energy to another can feel jarring and challenging so they choose to not change energy at all, thinking to stay exactly where they are is more comfortable. The problem is it can lead to a different kind of discomfort that comes from continually denying an area your soul is wishing to expand into.

So what is the answer? Guide yourself from one energy to another gently. Baby step your way into what you are procrastinating against. Choose one small activity that introduces you to the new energy in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Planning ahead can help you begin to detach from one energy and prepare to step into another.

What you will almost always find is that once you have moved into the new energy you will settle in quite nicely. You may very well find yourself wishing to stay in it much longer because you have now adjusted to being in the new activity. The key here is to keep your goals small in order to gently step into a new task. You can then allow it to unfold beyond that initial goal if the flow is feeling good to you.

Procrastination is often just an energetic acclimatization issue. By leading yourself with your wisdom and care into the activity you truly desire in a way that is comfortable and manageable for you, you can create more consistent forward movement for yourself and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from having your actions match your true intentions. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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