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Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 24, 2019

We would like to offer you an analogy that will help you understand the difference between creating within what you already know vs expanding into manifesting from the vaster realm of potential and possibility that are not yet known to you.

Creating within the field of what you already know is much like doing all of your shopping from your corner store. While it offers a service to you, there is a limited selection of options. You can get by with what is at the corner store, if you are willing to settle for what is in stock there.

Creating through the broader realm of potentiality is like deciding to shop on the internet. By doing so you have opened yourself up to a much wider selection of options, many of which you may not have even realized existed! You expand into a far vaster field that can serve you and your specific needs, effortlessly exploring options until you discover what is the best match for you. Searching with your broad intention and being willing to explore what else is possible is what opens you to allowing the unknown matches to show up.

Please understand both the corner store and online shopping are options that seek to meet your needs, and allows others to be of service to you. Both have purpose in your lives. Our point is exploring the unknown does not have to be a scary venture, but rather a pleasurable one you can embrace, discovering options you never realized existed, and what can best support your unique needs and self expression. It is a skill you already have. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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