Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 29, 2020

The natural desire of your soul is to continue to expand. The flow will always support you in that desire.

Your soul will expand internally through its exploration within during a lull. It will expand externally through movement. Each drives and supports the other.

If you are surrendered to the flow you can never, ever get it wrong. You will always be led to what is perfect for you in each Now moment. If there is something you must feel for release, it will come up and make its presence known. If it is time for movement, you will be find yourself being propelled forward into action steps. And if it is time for integration or simply serving through your energetics, you may find yourself in a quiet space of beingness.

The flow is an incredibly intelligent and efficient system that will always lead you where you need to be for your highest good. Your soul’s insistence for evolution is guaranteed for it is its true calling. The pain that comes from attempting to resist that calling is entirely optional.

So rest easy, Dear Ones. You cannot get it wrong. Flow. Move with what is supported. Be a willing participant by replacing doubt and resistance with acceptance and allowing. The more you can trust the process, the more ease and grace you will experience in the continued expansion that brings your soul such joy as well as the deep satisfaction that comes from honouring your purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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