Daily Message ~ Wednesday July 9, 2014

Dear Ones, if you are experiencing discomfort, it is a sign that you need to step into honouring yourself. You could be in resistance to growth, change or movement. You could be ignoring your own needs. You could be surrounded by people who do not honour you and accepting it rather than being your own hero. But make no mistake about it, discomfort is a sure sign that there is something going on that needs to be addressed.

You see, your natural state of being is comfort. You came from the comfort of Home. You were born from the comfort of the womb. As a baby, comfort is your top priority. Comfort is the place your soul wishes to work from, as is ease, grace, love, unity, acceptance, health, expansion, growth and experience. Discomfort is not a necessary precursor to any of those states of being! Even the energetic shifting you are going through on your planet can be experienced with joy and excitement by embracing them and willingly choosing activities that assist their integration such as meditation, activities you enjoy, or general self care and nurturing. Discomfort is merely a means of your soul getting your attention.

So the next time you are feeling uncomfortable, ask yourself, “How am I giving my power away? How can I shift back into my natural state of comfort and well-being?” You will likely get the answer very quickly. What if you cannot get the answer? You can simply set your intention to move back into your highest vibrational state of wellness. Ask your guides to assist you in doing so, then surrender and flow back into that alignment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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