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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 28, 2018

We encourage you to embrace your meditation/visualization practices, not only for the considerable health benefits they offer you, but also to have fun dusting off your imagination and exploring your creator self in a realm where you believe anything is possible. You simply think of what you wish to create and it is there.

If you understand the concept of as above, so below, you can start to lighten up and open up to the endless experiences that are available to you in your physical realm, as well. The only difference between the two realms is that in meditation you are an instant creator, in the physical realm there is a lag time. As you and your planet continue to evolve, that lag time is becoming shorter and shorter.

If you find it difficult to concentrate on visualizing or seeing psychically, it can be helpful to cover your physical eyes with something. The second your physical eyes know they cannot see they will stop trying. This will encourage your brain to stop wanting to look at things conventionally and begin looking with the psychic part of your mind. This little known tip is simple yet profound and can greatly enhance and deepen your meditation or visualization practices.

Please remember your psychic sight is not like looking at things with your human eyes – it is much like how you experience recalling a dream or memory. The main elements will stand out but it will not be as detailed as your regular sight. This is perfectly fine. The more you trust and flow into the process without judging it, the more profound your experiences will become. Detail is not a necessity for success, the selection and the feeling of the experience is where the creation takes life. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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