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Daily Message ~ Wednesday March 30, 2022

Instead of being frustrated by what isn’t being supported, we highly recommend you embrace your phase and explore what you can do right now. Most people find the lull phase more challenging than the action phase. So we invite you to ask yourself, what did you wish you had more time for when you were very busy? You were yearning for a chance to do those things. If the energies are supporting those activities now, we encourage you to take advantage of those opportunities!

To further assist you in embracing whatever phase you are in, you might find it helpful to make notes for your future self. If you are in a super accelerated phase, write down what you feel grateful for, but also write down what you miss from your quieter times. If you are in a lull phase, write down what you are grateful for, but what also what you miss from the action phase.

By doing both you can expand your gratitude for wherever you are, and you will give yourself a loving reminder of what is possible for you right now that you can refer back to whenever you might feel you need it. This will help you remember the balanced perfection of the greater cycles you operate within, and to harness the opportunities that are right in front of you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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