Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 21, 2014

You might consider lulls and movement as the passing of the baton between you and the universe in the relay of co-creation.

Think of running a relay race. Everyone is on the same team, with the same intention. You are all in agreement of your goal, and are all excited to be working together. You are simply taking turns on the action part of the journey.

When another member of your team has the baton, you know they are handling the accelerated movement of that leg of the event. You have a chance to rest but stay poised and ready, just waiting for when it is your turn to launch yourself back into accelerated movement.

If you have handed off the baton to another member of the team and they are running an area of the track you cannot see, you do not give up. You do not fall into despair or pack up and go home. You stay focused with the complete assurance that they will come back into your awareness as fast as they can.

Do you see? Let the universe take the baton and make great progress for you! Know that you are never creating alone, but always part of a greater universe that is always cooperating to help you reach your goals. Keep your focus, your trust, your faith, and you will harness the gifts of both the lull periods and the flow, and co-create with greater ease, joy and excitement. ~Archangel Gabriel

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