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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 22, 2019

It is very easy to become resistant if you have fallen into a habit of negative focus. It is natural to want to resist what doesn’t feel good to you or what you fear may take you to a worse place. But again we say you cannot create what you want while continuing to engage energetically with what is unwanted. The two exist on completely different lines of potential.

So how do you shift your focus? Consciously start to look for things that are working well for you. You can prompt yourself with questions. You might ask, “What beauty can I see right now?” “What is working in my life?” This might be something as simple as going to the tap and being able to turn it and have fresh water. It is something you can count on that adds immeasurably to your comfort and well being. What gifts exist in your right now moment that have been so consistent you can take them for granted?

You might take a moment to wonder at the body that serves you so well, and has since you have taken your first breath. You might be grateful for your brain that allows you to think, and process, and learn. What brings you enjoyment? It might be your favourite book or tv show. What can you wear that always boosts your mood? What smells good?

By becoming a detective for what is working in your life, you consciously step onto a bridge that can connect you to where you wish to go. As you celebrate the wonder that abounds for those who have the eyes to see, you naturally shift from being resistant to embracing your reality, which will masterfully place you on a completely different energetic layer that will be far more comfortable, and supportive for you to create from. That is how powerful you are – you are the energetic director of your life experience! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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