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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 6, 2020

You are in a time where you are realizing you cannot navigate moving forward through the mind because there are too many unknowns. This is highly beneficial to you because it redirects you to begin to navigate through the heart.

When you are in a space of not knowing, the way forward is follow where your heart is calling you. If you do not know, feel into what feels expansive for you.

Just as you will clearly feel contraction if you are in resistance, you will feel expansion when your soul is giving you a resounding yes. Your natural response to the freedom of expansiveness is far greater peace, comfort, and joy.

Again we wish to reassure you that you do not need to have all the answers, Dear Ones. You simply need to be able to identify what gives you the feeling of expansion, which is a heart-centred response, and keep flowing forward in that direction. That is where your grandest discoveries will be. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


If you’ve been feeling drawn to any of our online offerings, now might be the ideal time to take that next step on your journey. In order to support those who would like to take advantage of the time they have now to do some home learning, I have been guided to put all of our online courses on sale for $97 (that’s $52 off) for as long as social distancing is being recommended. Just use the coupon code RESET2020 at checkout. This includes Partnership With Spirit, The Divine Combination, Choosing a Beautiful, Magical Life, Developing and Deepening the Essential Element of Trust, Twinflames and Soul Connections, and even my newest offering, Intuitive Parenting. Full course descriptions are available at www.trinityesoterics.com under Classes. I hope you are staying safe and feeling supported during these unprecedented times. xo


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