Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 11, 2015

Many of you believe patience is a virtue. We certainly agree that it is a lovely attribute to have. Did you know it is actually a byproduct of acceptance, faith and trust?

You see, when you are in the energies of acceptance, faith and trust, you lose the need to view anything as wrong. Impatience is the result of thinking things should be a different way than how they are presenting, and experiencing frustration due to that belief. When you are approaching life with complete acceptance, faith and trust, you see that everything that is occurring is divinely perfect, and there is nothing left to do but BE.

So we would say to you if you are wishing to have more patience, rather than working on that individual element by itself, you may wish to shore up its foundation which is comprised of acceptance, faith and trust. Once those elements are in place, patience will naturally follow, and your life will become far more peaceful and enjoyable than ever before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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