Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 11, 2020

We encourage you to take a moment and really examine any ways you feel you are powerless or that you limit yourself. When you think about your fondest dreams, do old belief systems that make you think they are not possible come up?

Feel into those thoughts. Are they really true or are the old energy and conditioning you have received from your family or society? What if they weren’t true? What energy would open up for you? What new potentials become possible by your willingness to explore energetic expansion?

Dear Ones, you are the great creators. You have far more power than you realize! Expand. Explore. Get curious. Break through into the truth of who you are today. Allow your soul to beckon you forward.

Release any old constraints and be willing to pioneer into the new because you are in unprecedented energies and with each and every shift brand new potentials and possibilities become available to you. Your entire journey has been preparing you for the times you are in right now. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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