Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 12, 2014

If you think of your worries and problems as quicksand, the more you struggle and push against them, the more you will become stuck. You simply cannot create change by pushing against what you do not want because it only engages you further into what you do not want.

Even if someone came along to save you from the quicksand, if you were struggling and resisting, it would be very difficult for them to pull you out. If you surrendered, and put your focus point on a place that was far more in line with where you wanted to be, the assistance would be able to move you to a new, much comfortable space quite quickly.

Do you ask for help and then continue to resist? Why not try asking for help and then surrendering to it, knowing it will always take you somewhere more desirable? Struggle and resistance can never get you where you wish to go, Dear Ones. Surrender and flow allows your helpers, your guides, your highest self, the masters, the universe to assist you, the fastest, most efficient way possible. ~Archangel Gabriel

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