Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 20, 2013

A lot of people worry about their ascension process. Have they released enough? Do they meditate enough? Are they “good” enough? Do they have the right teacher? Have they read the right books? What about their pineal gland? Or their lightbody?

Dear Ones, let us reassure you, you are doing a magnificent job! The fact that you are on the planet means you are part of the process. On a soul level, you know exactly what you are doing! The planet knows exactly what she is doing. The sun, each planet, the entire universe knows exactly what it is doing. Your lightbody, just like your physical body, is incredibly intelligent and knows exactly what it needs to do to. There is so very much action that takes place behind the scenes that you are not even aware of! Like all processes of evolution, it is growth and expansion and has its own innate intelligence.

We love that you are so very committed and diligent! Allow the process to unfold, knowing you cannot rush things, nor can you speed them up any more than you can make a flower bloom slower or faster than it is meant to. Trust that if there is anything you need, it will come into your awareness.

You do not need to endlessly look for things to release. If there is something that is not in resonance with where you are going, you will become aware of it in perfect timing and can release it when it shows itself. If there is knowledge you require, the perfect book will land in your hands, or the right teacher will cross your path. If your body requires something, it will let you know. Simply give it what it is asking for.

Take the pressure off yourselves and enjoy this incredible process! Trust in the universe and the incredibly intelligent and intricate process you are part of. If you truly wish to assist, the best way is to stay in your highest alignment through surrender and flow, faith and trust, gratitude and BEingness, and joyful expectation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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