Daily Message ~ Wednesday November 6, 2013

We wish to remind you today of the power of the one word affirmation. It is an extremely effective and accessible tool to employ whenever you wish to have an energetic adjustment or support. We encourage you to sit quietly and try on lots of different words, particularly if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Simply still yourself for a moment and say a word and feel the energy of the word wash over you. You may want to try the words peace, calm, love, strong, ease, harmony, flow, or trust just to name a few. As you test each one energetically you will very quickly identify which one gives you the relief you seek. You can use this technique throughout your day as required as well. If you are struggling to lift something heavy, for example, you can simply say strong and you will find it much easier to do. We encourage you to play with this because it is one of the easiest and most effective tools you can use to take control of your own energy and stay in a far more comfortable, far more empowered space. ~Archangel Gabriel

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