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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 17, 2018

When it comes to creating, if what you wish to experience is not coming together for you, we suggest you stop and examine your beliefs about it. Do you think it will be hard?  Impossible? Do you only see it happening one way?  What statements are your mantras about it? Do they match what you wish to create?

Stop and think how you can expand it. Can you cast your net wider? Look at your project. Are there specifics that can be loosened up? Can you surrender it into its perfect expression of self rather than insisting it show up a specific way?

If you are struggling with this, we suggest you connect with a master manifesting guide by simply asking to connect with one. Trust this guide’s expertise and allow it to take the reins and lead you to the perfect match for you.

The greatest way you limit yourself in your manifestation attempts is by settling for things that are too small, or by only being open to potentials you can imagine. The bottom line is your greatest creations exist outside the bounds of what you have already experienced. That is because the mind works with what it has already knows. Your soul wishes to continually expand beyond what you have already done.

You are ascending human beings on an ascending planet. You are the pioneers, so allow yourselves to play in the energies of the great beyond, to stay open to new wondrous potentials, to embrace miracles and magic, and to find fun and excitement in the entire process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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