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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 20, 2021

A common concern of late is that you are somehow stuck. What we wish for you to understand is that every single phase serves you in one way or another. How do you know? Because it is happening.

So if you have the belief that you are stuck, we invite you to explore other viewpoints. What if you aren’t stuck at all? How could this phase be serving you? Take a new higher perspective of the situation. If you find that difficult to do in a waking state, meditate and look from there, or ask your dream state or your guides to make you aware of potentials and possibilities that exist in your current situation that you may be missing. What opportunities are available to you right now that you may not be taking advantage of?

For example, some energetic shifts require you to be awake but fairly still to integrate. This will result in you entering a lower activity phase. To you it may seem like nothing is happening, but in reality you are in the optimal conditions for the energetic process to work its magic. Or perhaps you require some internal discovery in order to then experience that expansion outwardly. Or maybe your soul knows you are about to move into such accelerated forward movement that a rest period is essential preparation for that phase. There are many valid reasons for a lull period, and every one of them will serve you and your journey in one way or another.

When you shift into faith and trust with your now moment, you open the door to acceptance, which will allow you to move through whatever phase you are in with far greater comfort, grace, ease and efficiency. There are energetic processes happening right now that are so complex you will never comprehend them from your human perspective, nor are you meant to, just as the caterpillar doesn’t need to understand what happens in the cocoon in order to emerge completely transformed.

Release the belief system that you can get it wrong, Dear Ones. Trust the process, and know that you will get there no matter what, but your level of faith, trust, acceptance, allowing, surrender and flow will dictate how much you enjoy the journey. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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