Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 30, 2014

Acceptance is a necessary aspect for the enlightening human being. Let us explain why. If you can accept that you are a vital and beloved piece of Source energy, and that you are loved unconditionally, you will start to see your brilliance and value. As you accept you are loved unconditionally, you will fill up with that love and it will spill over, allowing you to love others unconditionally, and drawing even more love to yourself in return.

As you see yourself as an extension of Source energy, you will start to embrace your authentic power. By accepting your worth, your divinity, you will start to create and accept the many blessings the universe wishes to bestow upon you. You will whole-heartedly embrace all experiences and people as divine, as well, which will lead to far greater peace and allowing. You will start to live a far more empowered and satisfying life expression, all due to the massive energetic shift true acceptance creates. ~Archangel Gabriel

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