Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 7, 2015

If you cannot practice self love and self care, it indicates that you are unwilling to accept from yourself. If you cannot accept from yourself, how can you accept from others? If you are not holding the energy of acceptance on the most fundamental level, how on earth can the universe deliver to you?

Do you see? Your own self love, your own nurturing, your own acceptance of your own divine perfection, are absolutely vital in order to draw to you the very things you yearn to experience.

Dear Ones, acceptance is an essential element of the manifestation process, as well as the anchor of peace. This is why we stress the importance of self love and acceptance so very much. It is the foundation of all the things you wish to experience and so deserve.

You simply cannot attract what you do not embody or accept. Isn’t it time to make the change within? Isn’t it time to see yourself as the precious, mindful, loving, tender being you are and allow the entire universe to reflect that truth back to you? ~Archangel Gabriel

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