Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 10, 2014

Dear Ones, you would save yourselves a tremendous amount of time and effort if you would simply choose to follow the path of ease.

Following the path of ease does not mean you are copping out. Many of your have negative connotations associated with ease. To follow the path of ease doesn’t mean you are lazy, sloppy or uncaring. It means that you are choosing to work with the universe. It means that you are being selective of how you use your energy, that you are unwilling to waste energy pushing against things that aren’t working, and that you prefer to use your energy wisely with an eye towards what is being supported for creation at any given time.

So if you are trying to achieve something and you keep being met with roadblocks, it simply means the flow is not supporting that activity right now. Rather than bumping up against that wall, time and again, which will only create more frustration and limited gains, why not allow yourself to simply be redirected? The universe is always conspiring to help you, always trying to lead you down the path that is being supported for you. You will save yourselves a lot of time, effort and frustration and become far more efficient, if you simply begin to trust and see ease as the direction the universe, and your soul, wants you to take. ~Archangel Gabriel

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