man enjoying view from mountain top trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 21, 2022

If you are feeling discomfort in your life, it is often a sign that you have become too constrained or contracted. Your soul is always seeking expansion, and that is exactly what brings you satisfaction and relief. You were never designed to simply arrive in one energetic place and stay there. The whole point of coming into the body is to experience expansion and evolution.

So if you are in a space of discomfort, how can you create some expansion? You can do this in a multitude of ways. You can support internal expansion by meditating, learning something new, or devoting time to get to know and love yourself better. You can support external expansion by trying something new, exploring, moving, or casting your net wider to include new potentials and experiences.

Get curious! If you still feel like you don’t know what direction you wish to expand in, simply ask your guides to show you the way and surrender into the flow of your own divine unfoldment. Expansion is the freedom to express the vastness of your soul, Dear Ones, and a glorious thing to experience. Allow yourself the space that will continually honour your own becoming. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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