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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 22, 2021

During times of intensity, it is a common human experience to get triggered. This, in itself, is not a bad thing. It allows you to become aware of an area that is looking for your attention and loving care.

People become easily triggered when they are in energetic overwhelm. Practicing good tender self care, especially during times of energetic intensity, can help you stay in in a more balanced space. Continuing to meet your needs with loving self responsibility allows any aspects of you that are seeking your love and attention to be met and for healing to occur. The best way to diminish being triggered is to continue to prioritize your own evolutionary journey.

But even the most self-responsible souls may on occasion get triggered. This does not mean that you are not spiritual, that you are bad, or broken, or that your healing journey has been fruitless. It simply means you lost your balance. If you find yourself getting triggered, we highly advise that you remove yourself from the situation if possible and get into your own energy. Breathe. Ground. Imagine a beam of light that comes down from the heavens above, right over you, and deep into the earth. The above will help you gain balance.

Next, do nothing! It is rare that any action you take while triggered will give you good results. Honour your feelings, connect with any aspects of you that are in need of your love, but take no outward action. You are in a very activated 3D state which will not lead you to solutions that are in line with who you really are. Wait until you are in a better balanced place before you do anything. People who are triggered and take action are usually looking for some semblance of control, and controlling energies will not ever lead you to empowered solutions.

If you have not waited and have taken action you now regret, learn from the experience. Understand that your triggers are always about you. Assume responsibility and do what you can to make it right. Apologize if you need to. Practice self forgiveness and make a plan on what you can do differently should you get triggered again.

Most of all, practice grace. Grace for yourselves, and grace for others if they have been triggered. You are in unprecedented times and such times can get messy. You are all doing the best you can. The combination of self responsibility along with encouraging each other forward with compassion and understanding will get you much further than the old ways of blaming and shaming ever could. You all win when you work to bring out the best in yourselves and each other. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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