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Daily Message ~ Wednesday September 29, 2021

Each person’s spiritual journey is a completely individual unfoldment. Sometimes it will involve figuring out what it’s not before you figure out what it is. There will be letting go phases as well as gathering phases. There will be times where the focus is on comfort, and other times where the focus is on the harder work. There will be giant leaps as well as lull periods to allow the integration of new levels of awareness. You will not experience a smooth trajectory forward but rather a path full of experiences, stops and starts, what you consider to be successes and failures (we do not see it in that way as all experiences simply provide further information on what is true match to you), all designed to help you continually expand and discover the ever-unfolding revealing of who you really are. You can trust the innate wisdom of the journey you are on because it is customized to your soul’s needs and desires, and you can also trust the innate wisdom of the journey of others, even if you cannot understand their choices from where you stand. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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