Dawn of a New Age ~ Channeled Sept 1, 2010

You are well aware of the many changes that are going on on your planet.  Many of you who are energetically sensitive can feel the change coming.  We are here to tell you that you are right.

You are poised on the brink of a new age.  All of the work that you have so tirelessly done will make its purpose known to you.  Many of you have worked so hard to develop yourselves to a level of spiritual enlightenment.  You have read your books, listened to your teachers, healed many lifetimes of hurts and become conscious of your role as co-creator.  You have packed all of these tools carefully and lovingly into your suitcase and have been waiting, many of you impatiently, for the moment when you can use them to create a new world.  Dear Ones, that time is now upon you.

Many of you get disillusioned by promises made by spirit that never seemed to arrive.  We would like to address that.  We are not in charge of when these events take place.  You are!  All we can do is read the likely outcome of any given energetic space.  When the wheels are in motion, energetically, it is easy to see where they may go.  The tricky bit of business is that human beings can be rather moody creatures, indeed.  We see many who will one day be sitting joyfully in the higher energies of spiritual enlightenment and in the next week, gnashing their teeth in despair because nothing is happening at all.  It is difficult to manifest the world that you wish to create when you are not holding one energy for any length of time.  This is not a criticism, Dear Ones, this is an observation.

Where you are energetically on your beloved planet right now is finally in a space where real change can happen.  All of the elements are in place, Dear Ones.  The assisting energies that come from the universe, the shifting of Gaia herself, and the desires of the enlightening human beings on the planet are all in agreement.  Do you see the importance of holding what you know to be true in your heart in a consistent manner?  There is no right or wrong, Dear Ones.  Whatever you decide you will be loved beyond measure but we also know what your souls have incarnated to achieve.  We know your deepest desires and highest potentials.  We can see them plainly in your individual energy fields.  Now would not be the time to be indulging in the old energies of doubt, impatience and despair if the new earth is truly what you wish to create.  We are not asking that you stop living your lives as human beings.  We are not asking you to save the world all by yourself.  We are asking you to remember and embrace that these are the times you came here to experience.  It does not need to more complicated than holding your highest intention for the new age.

Let us give it to you this way.  Imagine that there is a large, stone wall and someone tells you on the other side of that wall   exists a brand new world.  You can’t see the new world but deep inside you have always thought there was something better on the other side of the density of the stone wall and you trust the people that tell you that it is there.  Many peek through tiny holes in the brick wall and can glimpse what exists on the other side and excitedly report back what they have seen.  So all the people who wish to experience the life the new world promises get together and decide all we have to do is break down the stone wall that divides us from this wonderful new world.  They decide that they will use a battering ram because that will surely break down any barricades between them and the new world.  It is very heavy, the battering ram, but there are hundreds of them.  They know that if they all work together they can do it!

So they all pick up the battering ram and they understand that it shouldn’t be hard to do if they are all working together.  But some start to move in the opposite direction.   Some say we have to move forward.  Some say we have to move back to get enough momentum to move forward.  Some start to complain that it’s too hard, that they are physically tired.  Some even say they don’t think that it can be done, so they give up their spots and walk away.  So when will they break through the wall?  They are in the right place with the right tools with enough people to make it possible.  They will break through when they all use their free will to stay focused on the task at hand.

Dear Ones, understand this is what is happening right now.  It doesn’t matter what technique you use.  All that matters is that you move into the energy that believes it can be done with ease and that the new world really exists on the other side of the density.  Do you see?  It is only a hard job if you are not moving in unity.  Hold your vision, hold your intent and know that all the elements are in place.  The new age can be your reality.  This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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