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Etherically Speaking ~ Thursday January 4, 2018

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I haven’t written a blog post since September! Where has the time gone?

As you know, I magically found myself swept off to Edinburgh. What an incredibly profound time it has been. To be honest it has taken me until now to really get my energetic bearings. Part of it was adjusting to the energy of a new place. And I, like so many of you, also went through a particularly intense and unexpected period of further self examination, life review, and finally acknowledging and working on some dark yucky stuff that I had been putting off tackling but was now absolutely demanding to be dealt with.

I went right to the depths of solitude until I can honestly say I’ve had enough of it (which is an interesting change because I usually enjoy being alone). In the midst of all of this personal work I couldn’t seem to get a handle on the energies and what they were doing, which was quite unusual for me. I was also having some trouble getting my own guidance from spirit. I felt like I was in a space of suspended animation in a sense, or in an isolation booth. All of this was due, I’m sure, to the huge amounts of releasing and deep healing work I was doing. I knew I was still well connected to spirit since thankfully I was able to work and do readings through all of this.

This very intense phase lasted right up until my daughter arrived to spend the holidays with me here. We had a wonderful time together visiting the sites and enjoying the beauty of this exceptional city. We both had particularly interesting energetic experiences at Arthur’s Seat as well as at Roslin Glen. Turns out both places are on the same ley line and are known for their healing energies. I knew without a doubt that we were meant to be there in those places together and that we would both leave forever changed from those experiences.

Roslin Glen is one of the most magical places I have ever visited. There are so many tangible layers of energy – fairy, angelic, and pagan. It is said that the ley line is known as the rose line and is associated with Mary Magdalene’s energy. One energy I felt very strongly was Druid energy, and it was unlike anything I have ever felt – so earthy and grounded. Every single time I think I need to ground now I just think of standing in the glen and feeling that energy and I am grounded beautifully like never before. Absolutely amazing.

One thing I found very interesting is the thistle, a symbol of Scotland. It is everywhere you look, and amongst it’s many meanings, it turns out it is a symbol of the Christed energies and enlightenment. It was lovely and reassuring to see a design with such beautiful meaning displayed everywhere.

Another place I found very beautiful, both visually and energetically, was St. Giles’s Cathedral. I went back for another visit today and spent the afternoon in appreciation of it in meditation and prayer. And just like that, the clarity came, the guidance was clear, and I could feel the energies we are in once again. And I got the inspiration for the 2018 channel which I’ll be writing soon!

What this whole process has taught me, yet again, is that we are always provided with exactly what we need. Sometimes we must to take the time to dive deep and do the work on ourselves. Perfect solutions aren’t always easy, but they are always precisely what our souls require. And sometimes we don’t have to make sense out of what is happening to us, we just need to trust and to allow it all to unfold. These intensive periods of seclusion and healing allow us to focus on ourselves without distraction so we can emerge ready and open for deeper connection than ever before.

So now that I am finally able to tap into the energies again, I’m so delighted to discover they feel lighter and clearer than they have in a very long time! There’s a heaviness that got left behind in 2017. I feel like there’s a fresh breeze blowing, and I feel support for forward movement and discovery in 2018 unlike anything I’ve felt stepping into a new year before. Yay!

I know that I have done everything I needed to do in this beautiful, historic city that has held me and nurtured me through a very pivotal time in my life. I’ll be spending my last days here wrapping things up and preparing to go back home. I am forever changed, and forever grateful, to Edinburgh and my lovely friend Lynne (and her husband Neil) who made this all possible for me. I look forward to shifting my energy back to the other side of the ocean and can’t wait to see what will open up next from this new energetic platform we have all stepped onto. Wishing you all an amazing 2018 that supports you and all your dreams coming true!

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