Etherically Speaking ~ Tuesday July 18, 2017

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Much of what I was trying to create just was not coming together. I was confused and frustrated. I’ve been trying to surrender and allow myself to be led, but I’ve felt like I’m just untethered and bobbing around uncomfortably as the energies bombard me. I am well aware of why a lot of us are feeling discomfort, but I just couldn’t seem to shift into a better feeling space.

The only thing that was bringing me any sense of enjoyment or peace in the present moment was being outside enjoying nature. Our backyard here has had all kinds of activity. So far this year I’ve managed to draw cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, a yellow finch, and a bunch of other birds I don’t know. We’ve got a family of ground hogs living under the back deck, a skunk that visits every night, a possum that wanders through, and a big raccoon who makes mischief. Every evening we enjoy the show the fireflies put on for us.

As I was outside last night it dawned on me that I had been so focused on what wasn’t working that I’d forgotten how important gratitude is to anchor energy. No wonder I felt so untethered! I had to ground into the energy of here before the next steps would come. Duh! (Funny how we forget the most basic things when we are in an energetic spin!) Surrender wasn’t enough. I needed surrender along with gratitude, with healthy sides of faith and trust in the flow.

Guess what happened within half an hour of that discovery and the resulting shift of focus I made? An absolutely miraculous potential opened that may very well solve a lot of the problems I couldn’t seem to navigate beyond and infused everything with a much lighter energy of support and love. I’m not sure that this is the actual solution. But it did show me how instant manifestation is and it gave me HOPE. It also made me aware that God always has a plan – one that is far more intricate and perfect than I could come up with on my own.

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