Etherically Speaking ~ Tuesday May 30, 2017

I know everyone is individual and energies can be experienced differently by everyone depending on where they are on their journey, and what specifically is being adjusted/healed/released, but for me the past few days have actually felt wonderful! A geomagnetic storm that felt good? Who knew? The energies felt supportive and uplifting to me. What a concept!

I think we can get into a very limited perspective where we think ALL shifts will create discomfort. Experiencing energies feeling wonderful was such a welcome change, and offers us an opportunity to expand our expectations. The energies we have just received do feel different, and it does feel like we have stepped into new potentials and possibilities.

What would it be like if we could truly open up and embrace shifting because it felt wonderful? We would move with everything so much more efficiently and joyfully. Eventually we will get to the point where expansion is met with so much happiness because that is how the soul moves with the universe. Why not start now?

If you haven’t started to feel better yet, don’t despair, the change is in the air and your time will come. Promise. :) Just being open to the potential that it could happen creates expansion and new possibilities.

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