Hurricane Aftermath Update

Well, we still have no power or clean water. Cell service seems like it has improved and then it goes out again. We haven’t seen an insurance adjuster either, but all this is understandable after a storm of this magnitude. We are making progress with the cleanup. Our hearts break for all those who got hit so much harder than we did. The devastation on all the island communities is just so bad it’s hard to wrap your brain around it. All in all we know there are so many working really hard to help make things better, so we try our best to stay patient and grateful. I sure do have a healthy appreciation for modern conveniences right now though! I’ve never looked so forward to doing laundry in my life! They are saying we should have power by friday, so hopefully that will be the case and I can get back to work next week. Thank you again for all your love and support…it helps more than you know! xo

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