Archangel Gabriel

Individuated Aspects of the Flow and the Importance of Self Love ~ Channeled May 26, 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be with you today. We honour you for making the commitment to come and have this experience during your free time and we also honour you for being in your highest service to be here to help anchor the energies of the group. And when we say group, of course we mean not only those who are in the room experiencing the transmission in real time but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

What glorious times you are experiencing right now, Dear Ones! Your humanity is moving forward at record speeds. You are growing, you are expanding, you are assimilating and you are creating. We cannot fully express the level of joy and excitement that the entire universe is experiencing as we experience, through you, your personal ascension and the ascension of your beloved Gaia.

Today we would like to address two aspects that we feel many of you may be requiring assistance with. The first we would like to address is about the flow. Now, many of you understand that surrender and flow is the most seamless way to get where your soul desires to be. You understand that surrender, faith, flow and trust are the vital aspects to enlightenment, as well, throwing in gratitude as the steering wheel to the flow. Many of you have become very adept at working within the flow. Many of you have come to accept that the flow contains both movement and also periods of lull. And, by and large, many of you are learning how to accept the periods of rapid acceleration and as well the periods of lull.

We would like to take you further into an understanding of the flow today by discussing the individuated aspects of the flow. Many of you perceive the flow as being an entire thing – all of your life expression will either be in a forward movement of flow or all of your life will grind to a screeching halt if you are in a lull period. You see it as either/or, all or nothing.

In reality, there are many different channels of the flow, individuated aspects of the flow, and this is where many of you are tripping up, so to speak. You are not recognizing that one area of your life may be experiencing accelerated movement while other areas may be in a pause or a lull period. Of course, you understand that even in a perceived lull there is always action going on behind the scenes. There is always movement, it may be simply movement that you are not aware of yet. It has simply not yet sprung forth into your experience.

So, what we see in many of the enlightening human beings, is an acceptance of flow when it is flow across the board or an acceptance of lull when it is lull across the board but great confusion when you are having a combination of both. And we would say to you just apply what you know to the individuated aspects.

So, for example, you may be experiencing great forward movement in the area of your career. Everything is moving forward rapidly and yet, despite your best effort, you can’t seem to get your day to day chores done. You have no time. You bemoan the fact that there are not enough hours in the day. You panic. How on earth am I going to get things done when all of this flow in the area of my career is taking all of my attention? Then you do what many human beings on the planet tend to do when they perceive there is a problem, they start to should on themselves! They start to think I’m not doing very well. I should be able to clean my house. It should be sparkling clean. I should be able to cook that meal for 12 people and do it joyfully while balancing all my work on another platter. Do you see?

As you move into the mastery of the flow, Dear Ones, you will learn to ride the individual waves or the individual currents. When that forward movement slows in one area of your life, it is time to step into the next forward moving current, and just trust that however the flow is presenting to you at the time is exactly where you focus and energy should go.

You’ve been working with these energies long enough to know that accelerated movement, while very exciting at the time, always balances out and you’ve come to notice that an area that has been in a lull can suddenly spring back to life in a moment’s notice. So what our beloved enlightening human beings may want to do, is to simply become masters at flow jumping. Understand that each time you do so, you are seamlessly working within the flow and harnessing every bit of that forward moving energy that is available to you.

Imagine the creating you could do with your focus if you would simply stop berating yourself for what is not getting done! Dear Ones, if something is not getting done it is because it is not being energetically supported.

Many of you in your humanness ask, “How do I know I’m not just being lazy?” “How do I know that I’m not just procrastinating?” There is a distinct difference in the energy, Dear Ones. If the flow is simply not present in a certain area of your life, it is because the energy is just not there to support it for whatever reason. It means that you could try with all your might to do things and your efforts would be met with blockages and fraught with difficulties and frustration. You would just experience a lack of support in that area and not much would get accomplished. If you were just being lazy and procrastinating, the flow would be making you most uncomfortable with your soul calling, over here, Dear One, over here! You would quickly understand you were just being resistant and that the conditions were ripe for forward movement.

When the flow is supporting an area of your life, forward movement comes easily. It is not a struggle. It comes together almost like magic. The flow is the path of ease. Do you see? There is quite a difference between the two.

So we would say to you, start each day with surrender and intend to stay in the flow throughout the day, secure in the understanding that where it takes you is the highest, most supported path available to you. Trust that all of the other areas of your life that you deem need attention will also have their moments of flow and you will get much more done in each area, with much greater ease, if you wait for the moments when the flow supports them.

If you do this, you will be able to step forward and enjoy the ride, enjoy the excitement, enjoy the magic that can happen when you are in that surrender and in that flow. It will keep you embracing your creator self at all times instead of falling into doubt and angst when it is simply not called for.

We hope this will help you as you move forward in the days and weeks ahead. You see, the individuated aspects of the flow occur not just in your singular life expressions. It occurs throughout the universe. You will have areas and planets within the universe that are experiencing great growth and flow and others that are not. In many ways, your individual lifetimes would be tiny aspects of such. In fact, if you wish to speak of your lifetimes, you may have lifetimes that are running concurrently to the one you are experiencing right now in this room, that may be experiencing forward movement and flow in the area of your life that you are not experiencing flow at this time. It is a vast system, Dear Ones and there are many different expressions of flow.

Do you see? It is a beautiful system of ebb and flow, with all of it being divinely perfect. Surrrender, faith, flow, trust. It’s not just about the surrender and the flow. It’s about the faith and the trust that how it is presenting is what is divinely perfect for you at any given moment. We will leave it at that.

Now the next topic that we wish to address is one that is particularly difficult for those of the human condition, and that is the aspect of self love. You are so hard on yourselves, Dear Ones. You berate and abuse and beat up on yourselves so very much. We cannot express how sad it makes us when you do this because you are simply not viewing yourselves accurately. On many different levels you understand this, yet you continue the behaviour. As you move forward in the creation of the New Earth, you must stand in your authenticity and in your truth. If you continue to beat yourselves up and not love yourselves unconditionally for the amazing beings that you are, how on earth are you going to move forward in the creation of the New Earth?

How can you be authentically giving acceptance to others if you cannot offer it to yourselves? Many of you are helper souls and many of you are incredibly compassionate toward others and you could have someone come and tell you an absolutely identical life expression that they are having that matches yours completely and you would offer them advice that was filled with love and compassion and understanding for their circumstances and then look at yourself at the mirror and berate yourself for the very same things. When you look at it that way, that is not being very authentic at all, is it?

If you are beings of compassion, if you are beings of unconditional love, Dear Ones, it must start at home! You must see and honour yourselves for the blessed creatures that you really are. You must move into that balance, you must hold the unconditional love for yourselves in order to anchor the energies of unconditional love for the planet. This is really what walking your talk means. How can you lead others to their healing if you are not taking the time to offer those healing steps to yourselves? It simply does not make any sense.

Can you imagine if you were in the presence of your beloved guides, angels or ascended masters and they assured you that you were magnificent and gave you wonderful guidance and in the next breath talked about how much they disliked themselves and how broken and flawed and wounded they were? Do you see how ridiculous that would be? Would you see them as a source that should be trusted and followed if they did that?

You are the most powerful teachers through example and the greatest example that you can share with others, right now, is what true unconditional love of self looks like. People are confused by this. They think self love is puffing oneself up in ego. This is not what we are speaking of. That would not be authentic either, would it? This is not about delusions of grandeur. This is not what we speak of. This is not about faking it until you make it. This is about owning who you really are, seeing yourself as a beloved and allowing that beautiful energy to shine forth.

You cannot shift the world into fifth dimensional consciousness if you cannot hold unconditional love for yourselves, Dear Ones, it simply cannot be done. Do you see? If you understand that we are all a piece of the whole, every time you abuse yourselves with your self talk is no different than abusing your child or abusing your best friend or your partner or your favorite archangel or ascended master or God. Do you see? Because what you do to one you do to the whole. It is about authenticity. It is about finally stripping off the layers and seeing yourself as the piece of God that you are, and once you accept yourself as that, your light will shine brighter than it ever has before and every person that comes in contact with you will benefit from it. Gaia will benefit from it. You will finally be truly anchoring the energies that are required for the creation of the New Earth.

Dear Ones, we implore you to become clear about what you want to create in the New Earth. You understand you are the wayshowers. You understand that you are the light bearers. How can you move forward in the creation of the New Earth holding self loathing? You cannot! Love yourselves! You are all amazing, beloved aspects of the whole. You are the masters who have come in to make this amazing process finally, truly happen. If you could only see how amazing you are from our perspective, you would wonder how you ever doubted it.

So please, if you are going to make anything a priority in the energies moving forward, please release the negative talk and the illusion that you are separate and the things that you hold onto to keep yourself small because that is not who you are and that is not what you are here to experience. If you only would take a short period of time every day and intend to truly remember who you who you really are and make a commitment to allow that truth to shine forth, you would start living in that unconditional love for self because there would be no way that you could avoid it. And with that we will leave you for today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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