Archangel Gabriel

Joy and Unconditional Love ~ Channeled September 30, 2012

Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honoured we are to be in your presence today. As always, we honour you for making the commitment to come and be part of the energies of the group and, of course, when we say group, we mean not only those who are attending the transmission in this room but those who will be experiencing it on your internet at a later time. How delighted we are today! We are so, so pleased.

Many Dear Ones have come together to anchor in the energy of this group and it will be reaching far and wide. We invite you in this Now moment to open yourselves up completely and feel the energies that are available to you in this moment and, as always, this will apply to those who are experiencing it at a later date, as well. Open yourselves up. Feel the energy of the angelics in this room. Feel your ancestral loved ones here. Feel the ascendeds. Feel your guides. Feel the beautiful love from Gaia coming from below you. What you are experiencing right now, in this right now moment, are the energies that you are. You are the energies of unconditional love and the energies of joy, and that will be what this transmission is about today.

Your beingness, your soul, has two natural states of being, Dear Ones – that of unconditional love and that of joy. Anything else is illusion. That is your state of being and that is your birthright. That is who you are and the ascension process is about bringing you back to who you really are, so you are working your way back into understanding that you are unconditional love. That is who you are. You have never been anything different, you have merely been in illusion. The endless shifts that you have been experiencing, the endless releasing, has been bringing you back to that knowingness, back to that unconditional love.

Of course, when you are sitting in the energies of who you really are, in the Now moment of unconditional love, you tap into the joy that naturally comes with that. They work together, you see, joy and unconditional love. They are what create the sweet moments of your linear lifetimes. You define your brightest shining moments by the times that you have felt unconditional love and joy, and you have come to believe that they are presents or gifts from above, just randomly dropped in your lap, sporadically, throughout your lifetime.

As you move forward beyond the pivotal dates in December 2012, you will be stepping into feeling that unconditional love and joy as more of a constant state of being. You are working towards that. You have released and worked so hard, and because of that you are on your way to experiencing those energies more and more of the time.

So we would say to you that all roads lead to unconditional love. All of the aspects that we ask you to practice support your joy and your unconditional love. When we ask you to just BE, when we ask you to be present in the moment, it is in that space that you can remember that is who you really are. When we ask you to practice accepting and allowing, that is unconditional love in practice, you see. When you practice acceptance and allowing, when you trust that everyone is divinely perfect exactly as they are, as you trust that the universe is guiding them exactly as they need to be guided, you are staying in that space of unconditional love that knows that nothing is ever wrong.

You are living beyond the illusion, you see, when you are in your joy and unconditional love and by doing so, you are anchoring that energy for those who will be coming behind you. You are blazing the trail forward. We cannot express how awe inspiring it is to see you do this because it has never been done on your planet before. It moves us incredibly as we see what you have been able to accomplish.

When we ask you to stay in your faith, it means remembering that you are unconditional love and trusting in that and feeling that joy. When we ask you to follow the path of joy, we know that your joy connects you with Source, which reminds you that you are unconditional love. When we suggest that you spend time in nature, in gratitude, in service, around small children or animals, all of those things help you remember that unconditional love is the anchor of the entire system and all there really is. When we ask you to stay in the flow, we are asking you to become that dance partner with the universe and it is through that flow that you are experiencing joy and unconditional love.

So you see, Dear Ones, it is all boiling down to these two pivotal energies. We ask you to remember that. We ask you if you have stumbled into unconditional love and joy on your path, that you replicate whatever it is that helped you have that experience.

We ask you to practice your energetic clarity. We ask you to move beyond the old belief systems that say that dark energies are out to get you. We ask you to move beyond psychic self-protection techniques and instead practice your energetic clarity. The steps may be the same, Dear Ones, but the intention makes all the difference in the world. We remind you that when you practice your energetic clarity, you let your own unique light shine and that supports the whole. When you are practicing self-protection, you are announcing loudly to the universe that there is something that you need protection from and you seek to separate. That is not the way of the New Earth, Dear Ones. Do you see?

Do not be afraid to let your light shine – you are safe to do so! You are the beacons! How can you lead if you don’t let your light shine? These are exciting times! These are the times that you have come into the body to experience.

We understand that it has been a lonely road for many of you. Many of you were forging ahead with very little support other than your inner truth, that spark, leading the way. As you move forward beyond the pivotal dates in 2012, you will see that you will be connecting with your like-minded soul family all over the world with an ease that you never thought possible and joy that you have not experienced in this lifetime as yet.

There is no need for it to be a lonely and solitary path any longer. Your internet is providing a wonderful support system for many like-minded souls to connect and uplift each other. Your technology is a vital part of the ascension process that is happening on your planet. Use it. Embrace the connectedness that it creates, for as you create those connections, it will further support the energetics of your beloved Gaia.

We are so excited for you as you move forward! You are in the throes of the End Times and you are focused on the new beginnings. Now people say to us, “Gabriel, when will the Shift happen?” (laughter) That is like being ready to give birth and asking when you will get pregnant. It is a process, Dear Ones, rather than a singular event.

So you understand, most of you, that as you move into a full moon, you will start to feel the affects as you get closer and closer to it and you still feel the effects for a day or two after you move away from it. And you understand as you have your solstices and equinoxes that it happens the same way, that you feel the energy building and then abating after an alignment. You have become very familiar with the affects of your solar flares and your eclipses and this pivotal alignment is no different, it is just more profound because of its rarity, power and intensity.

You are in the Shift. You are the Shift! You are the driving force behind the Shift, and it is all leading to those pivotal alignments in December 2012. You are creating the foundation for the New Earth, and what that alignment amounts to is the energetic locking in of that foundation, both for your beloved Gaia and also for yourselves.

So we say to you, these are the most important times that you are here to experience. We urge you to get serious about your spirituality and to live it joyfully. Make your energetic clarity a top priority to you. Now is the time to be applying the skills that you have gathered over the years, not just sporadically, but consistently. Now is the time to let go of the old belief systems that keep you in fear and doubt. How many of you have said, “It’s too good to be true!” Why would that be, Dear Ones? Why not, “It’s wonderful because we created it and if we’ve created this wonder, why not create more?” The sky is the limit when it comes to your creations! Do not let old belief systems hold you back.

It is vital that you understand that you are the creators and it is vital that you keep your focus moving forward. As you step into the energies of 2013 it will be a very different energetic game. There will be a separation of worlds in many ways.

Will people be leaving your planet? No, they will not, unless they are those who have decided that they do not wish to experience the New Earth for whatever reason. There will be some souls who will choose to gather up as much of the new energies as they can and go Home and that is absolutely honoured as a soul decision. Some souls never had any intention of staying to experience the New Earth and were merely here to assist with the Shift and will prefer to observe the rest from the other side of the veil.

But for those who are choosing to stay in the body, there will not be a grand exodus of people to different planets. That will not happen. You will all continue to stay on the same planet, you will just be occupying different energetic layers. You already do this, Dear Ones. You have been doing this all along. Your world consists of many different layers that you simply do not energetically resonate with, so you do not see them.

For example, you may have people from different religious sects. You are aware of them but they live in their own communities, they hold their own unique energy and they live their lives quietly amongst themselves. That would be one example.

There may be other groups of people who live in darkness and density, who live drug addicted lives, lives of crime and desperation, great sorrow and pain. You do not connect with those energies, either, because that is not who you are. That already exists on your planet. Different people occupy different energetic layers already and that will continue to be so.

The only difference is that each and every person left on your planet after the pivotal alignments in 2012 has agreed to grow. They will have made a soul agreement to continue their growth in order to stay. That growth may be very, very slow or that growth may be very rapid. However it presents is perfect for each individual soul.

The conditions on the planet will be much more supportive to growth in general, though, and enlightening human beings will have a much easier time due to the trailblazing efforts of those who have gone before them. It is through the anchoring of the higher energies and the commitment to overall growth that the New Earth will be created. It will create the conditions necessary for an evolved society, and this is what you are part of. You cannot fathom our excitement as we watch.

So please, Dear Ones, know that you are the honoured pioneers. You are here to hold your balance, to hold your light, to bask in and emit the energies of unconditional love and to joyfully watch as it unfolds because, you see, you have the best seats in the house. That is what wished to share with you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
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