Archangel Gabriel

Planetary Shifting and Your Sacred Roles ~ Channeled March 26, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! We are so happy and honored to be in your presence today. Welcome to the group. Each and every group is unique and special. Of course, when we talk of the group we mean those who are in the room as well as those who will enjoy the transmission by reading it on your internet at a later time.

What a month you have had since the last time we were together! The changes that your planet has seen! Such exciting and blessed times you are in, Dear Ones. Does this surprise you? There are many who have been looking at the events of late and seeing them as if they are wrong, as if they are a mistake, as if some evil force has made them happen. Dear Ones, please rest assured everything is happening for the highest good of all involved. Gaia is shifting in the most appropriate ways. You cannot move into having a New Earth carrying the density that had accumulated on your planet. It cannot be done. This is not the act of a vengeful God. Some have spoken that it was the work of the Illuminati. Do not allow yourselves to fall into fear and victim consciousness. You have evolved beyond that at this point. Your earth and her inhabitants were not victimized in this act, Dear Ones. You see, even if a force did attempt to create a disaster, in no way would it be blocking your planet because the result of every disaster of this magnitude is an outpouring of love and compassion from around the globe that only serves to further lighten the vibration of the planet. It would work completely contrarily to what they were trying to achieve do. You see? It cannot be so.

We understand that it seems terribly sad when you see the suffering, when you see mass loss of lives. We understand, but please know each and every soul that has been affected by the events on your planet has lovingly volunteered to do so. Those who have left the planet have chosen to leave at this time, for reasons that serve the highest good and their life expression. They have chosen to leave the planet in this last grand act of service, volunteering with love, understanding that it serves to support Gaia. There are no mistakes. There are no victims. There is nothing wrong.

You are in the throes of the End Times. It is not that magical alignment in December 2012, Dear Ones, it is now. 2011 is a pivotal year in the birthing of the New Earth, you see. There will be much movement on your planet. There will be many events. It is an extremely accelerated year, both personally and planetarily. Each and every month that you experience in your linear year will be profound. Already built into each and every month of your linear year is an activation gate that you will experience on the eleventh of every month. These are hugely pivotal dates for your planet because what they act as is save points. Imagine a gate opening and closing firmly behind you. There is no point of return once you walk through the gate, you see. There is an energetic locking in that happens as you walk through each of these gateways. On top of each and every one of these dates there will be other events. There will be planetary alignments. There will be eclipses. There will be equinoxes and solstices. There will be solar flares and there will be shifting of the earth.

It is an extremely accelerated time, Dear Ones, but let us reassure you that you are more than ready for it! May we underline that three times! You are ready. You’ve worked hard. You are here to be of assistance. You are here to hold your balance in a calm and loving and observant way. You are here to stand tall in your truth and in your integrity and in your transparency. You are here to calmly show others how to stay in balance. You will lead the way through your examples, you see. Do not forget what you know. Do not fall into fear with the idea that you can be victimized. Do not fall back into the illusion. Now is the time to beautifully embody everything that you know to be true, and if you do this, Dear Ones, you will be able to navigate these changes with grace and ease and awe inspiring beauty because you are all the masters that are here to assist. Do not lose sight of your sacred roles.

It is as if you have been preparing for the most beautiful celebration for many, many, many lifetimes, and that time is now. We’ve been asking you to honor yourselves, to take care of yourselves, to honor your bodies, to give yourselves what you need. That amounts to choosing the most beautiful outfit to wear for the celebration. You have studied hard. It is like practicing to dance before a special event, learning a new number, learning the proper etiquette. We are asking you to show up at this pivotal event shiny and clean and on your best behavior, Dear Ones. Do you see? This is what you have come here to experience. Yes, it is a time of acceleration, but you are in the most exciting times that your planet has ever experienced.

Your internet is such a vital tool to assist you in moving forward. It is supporting truth. It is supporting the instantaneous sharing of information. It connects the globe. It connects the people. You are very aware of what is happening to your brother and sisters on the other side of the planet. Governments who are not of integrity can no longer hide because the internet allows the release of information in real time. It supports transparency. Miraculous times indeed!

You may also see that many of your loved ones find themselves in personal crisis. This is not about jumping in and saving anyone at this point, Dear Ones. Hold your truth. They will come and ask for help when they are ready. You will be powerful examples of what to be, because more and more people will become aware that it is more about what you are BEing than what you are DOing.

We also ask you to become very aware of your bodies and your intuitive processes. The times they are a-changing, Dear Ones, but you are receiving all the information that you need in order to navigate this, if you only take the time to stop and listen. Some people ask, “Why weren’t we told that there was going to be such a massive earthquake?” In reality, you all knew on some level! If you would only take the time to listen to the cues that your body always gives you, you would understand you are always being informed. The universe is always speaking to you, it’s just a matter of you learning how to interpret it.

It is difficult for us to speak with certainty on the exact time that events will happen. As we watch your planet we can see that areas are ripe for release, much like a human watching a pot of water that’s about to break into a boil. You can see that it’s about to break through any moment but it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact second it will become so. There will be more seismic events on your planet. When the earth shifts profoundly in one area, Gaia must rebalance, but fear not, Dear Ones, it is better to let the density go to support you with what you wish to create. Your earth will settle and there will be calmer times ahead once the process has completed and you will be here to enjoy it. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor just as, in many ways, you are already enjoying the fruits of your labor. Many of you are living far more empowered lives than you ever dreamed possible, much more than you were five years ago, ten years ago. The progress is there, don’t lose sight of that.

You are doing a remarkable job. We swell with pride and unconditional love as we watch you move forward in your highest purpose and in your faith. It is a beautiful sight to behold, so we urge you, Dear Ones, as we move forward in this turbulent year, to remember who you really are, to honor yourselves in balance, to stand true to what you know, and to be the anchors of unconditional love and light that you are meant to be.

So as we close for today we would like to urge you to put any thoughts of smallness, doubt and worry out of your orbits, Dear Ones. As you leave here today, allow your hearts to shine brightly and be the beacons that you really are. You are doing a magnificent job! Each and every one of you is integral to the process, so love and honor yourselves for the amazing roles that you are playing. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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