The Birthing Process ~ Channeled July 20, 2010

We would like to discuss some of the challenges some of you may be experiencing as you are in the throes of creating the new earth.  Many of you are feeling agitated, afraid, unsure, exhausted.  We would say to you that these are all very normal human emotional responses to great change.   When the energies start to move so very quickly, as they are now, it can be most disconcerting.  More than that, those of the human condition can be experiencing a myriad of emotions seemingly at the same time.  Again, let us reassure you that is very, very normal.

Let us present it to you in this way.  You are assisting in the birthing of a new earth.  You have been well aware that this birth or this new arrival was coming for quite some time now.  Much like a mother who is aware that she is expecting, you have been going through the stages of pregnancy.  At the very beginning it was wondrous news.  It seemed hard to believe there was going to be a new birth!  How exciting.  We’ve wanted this for so long, how very miraculous.  And despite the many choices available to you that may have prevented this birth or terminated the pregnancy, you are thrilled and embrace it with all your hearts.

And once the concept has started to settle in the symptoms begin.  Oh you are nauseated.  You are exhausted. You have strange cravings for various foods one second and can’t stand the sight of food the next.  You find your sleep pattern is disturbed and enjoy frequent trips to the washroom.  But you don’t mind.  It’s an inconvenience and you look forward to feeling better but you understand that it will pass and that it is all worth it.  Many expecting parents don’t even share their miraculous news until they are sure that they are past the danger zone and that it will really come to pass.

And as time begins to flow, the concept of this new birth starts to become more real.  The mother’s body starts to change and expand.  Plans start to be made.  Where will we live?  What will our new creation look like?  What shall we call it?  Do we have everything in place for this new creation?  You start to dream and imagine and plan for the miraculous event that will happen somewhere down the road.  And as the expected birthing draws near many come and offer their support and their excitement for what’s about to unfold.

The mother becomes increasingly uncomfortable as her new creation gets bigger and harder to contain.  Her back aches.  She is emotional and can cry for seemingly no reason.  Everyone starts to wonder, when will it be?  Many plans and techniques are practiced in order to make sure the birthing happens safely and comfortably.  And then finally the magical time arrives.  This is finally it!  The water has broken and the contractions begin.  And at first the couple is very excited and can’t wait for the big event.  And then the contractions come faster and faster, feeling like they are right on top of each other.  It seems to take on a life of it’s own.

And as the process starts to accelerate, Dear Ones,  is when suddenly the parents or the creators start to feel very out of control.  They start to panic, fearful that something is wrong. What if we can’t do this?  What if we are not ready?  And in some cases, mothers will loudly proclaim that they’ve changed their minds completely and say let’s forget about the whole thing!

What happens, Dear Ones, is during a time of rapid acceleration it is easy to lose sight of how very committed you are to your miraculous creation.  Much as a mother panics in the end phases of labor, many of you are starting to panic as you are poised on the edge of the creation of the new earth.  Dear Ones, let us reassure you, you have prepared well!  You are more than ready for this.  So take a deep breath, calm yourselves and refocus on the miracle that is going on before your very eyes.  This is a joyful time!  This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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