Archangel Gabriel

The Dance of Judgment ~ Channeled Sept. 6, 2011

Dear One, when will you give yourself permission to live your life according to what you feel is right?

You stepped outside of convention to step on your path in first place and this was an empowered decision. We encourage you to do so again. There is some old conditioning that is what is blocking you from moving forward in the direction you know feels right.

When you are making decisions based on what others will think you are still in the energies of judgment. If you understand that judgment is not an empowered energy, step out of the dance of judgment. You are the dance partner of judgment when you are operating in fear of what others think.

This gets tricky because what is emerging is judgment from enlightening souls that say if you are going to enlighten you must do it this way. If you want to ascend, you must follow steps a, b, c and d. If you want to heal, you must use this form of healing, or do this form of meditation. If you wish to see how much judgment is amongst enlightening human beings, check out the comments and debates that are occurring on your internet. This is a particularly insidious form of judgment because it is coming from enlightening human beings and people tend to give it more weight.

It’s easy for us to ignore judgment if it comes from somebody we deem not qualified. It becomes murky when it comes from teachers or other sources that you respect. What stepping into your mastery means is not just remembering what you know and applying it; it’s about remembering who you are and living it. That can only be defined through the wisdom of the self. Every advanced human being that has made a major contribution to your planet has not been afraid to walk their unique path. It is a vital aspect to being in your highest service.

If your soul continues to niggle at you to move in a certain direction, honor that. Your soul is your very exact inner guidance system that simply cannot steer you wrong. You must not disempower yourself for the sake of pleasing others because they will very quickly forget your sacrifice but you will be left to live with the consequences.

If somebody tells you that you should do something and you know that thing is not your soul’s highest purpose, ask yourself, “Would I like to experience depression, pain, anxiety and the like while this person goes merrily about their business?”. Because that is where you will end up. It will lead you to a very painful place, indeed, with no recognition for your sacrifice. Ironically, people who make choices in order to receive accolades from others are choosing a path that cannot provide it for them. The accolades always come from standing tall on your own unique path. Jesus is most revered all this time later for that very reason.

The power comes from being true to yourself and honoring your path as the sacred journey that it really is. You cannot make your unique contribution to the planet any other way. You cannot be the creator of the new earth without first being true to yourself and your purpose. Do you see? This boils down to giving the acceptance, allowing and encouragement that you strive to offer others to yourself.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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