The Importance of BEing ~ Channeled March 17, 2010

You are aware that your earth is changing. For those of you who have concentrated on embracing the enlightening human beings that you truly are, a very important job is being handed over to you. That job is to simply BE. Quite a difficult job for you to do, indeed, as we are starting to observe from our perspective. You see, with the many earth changes that have already occurred and the many that will be happening over the next 6 months of your time, many human beings will fall into a state of great despair. They will indeed see this as the end of the world or the act of a vengeful God. Many of these human beings will already be in a state of crisis from their limited human experience. By that, we mean many will already be in crisis from trying to live from a place of ego in a world that is enlightening. The heat has been turned up, if you will, for many. Now on top of these personal crisis you will see added to the pile these earth events. This is designed on purpose. It is designed to get the pre-enlightening human being to ask the bigger questions. This is where the job of the enlightening human being becomes so very important. You all get that you have chosen to be on this earth at this time to be of service. And you have.

You have supported the energies of this planet to the point where this amazing process could occur. Many of you think your job is done. In reality, your job is really only beginning.

Oh, we can hear the gnashing of teeth already with that statement! “But Gabriel! What do you mean? I am so battered already. How could you expect more of me?” they will cry. This is not about hard work in service anymore. The hard work was getting to this place. You are now ready to step into the most important part of your service. Which is to simply BE. Our dear one, Shelley, asks us frequently, “But Gabriel, what should I be doing? I feel like I should be doing something!” And we answer her to just BE. We see that this answer does not satisfy her, because she doesn’t understand that simply BEing is the job. It is being in her highest service. Now what do we mean by that?

When we ask you to BE, what we are asking you to do is to stay calm, and confident and centered and to be looking at this entire process with the joy and excitement that we see as we watch it. This is what you have all worked for. You are here. If you stay in a calm and joyful place enjoying where you are, enjoying The Greatest Show on Earth as we like to call it, others will naturally ask how to get to that place. It is the most powerful teaching tool that is available on the planet, which is teaching by example. Others, as they seek, will want to have a piece of that, will want to know how to exist in a place of calm and love and joy as the turmoil goes on all around. This is what mastery is.

And if you, as a regular human being, are able to embody this, others will see that it is an available choice for them as well. Dear ones, you have done the work, you have arrived in a space that only involves you embracing who you really are and what you really know. Just BEing is the most powerful assist you can give the planet and her inhabitants. Let the truth of this message settle deep into your core and allow yourself to enjoy the moments we are in. You have earned it!

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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