Archangel Gabriel

The Importance of Courage ~ Channeled July 22, 2011

Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased and honored we are to be in the presence of the vast and varied souls who are joining in receiving this transmission. The heat has been turned up, Dear Ones. (laughter) Can you feel it?

Many of you are being faced with all of the areas that you have struggled with throughout this incarnation. The areas where you have been stuck are being magnified and placed directly in front of your nose in a way that will not allow you to ignore them any longer.

What a cruel trick, you may be thinking, but in reality this is being done with tremendous love. You see, the energies of this very important year of acceleration are helping you to truly heal once and for all. That is, if you are seeing it for the opportunity that it really is.

The key to moving truly forward into mastery and anchoring the energy of the New Earth requires an energy that is not often spoken of when you hear people speaking of what is required to enlighten. And that energy is courage.

Simply put, the teachings of surrender, or faith, or flow, or acceptance, don’t mean anything if you don’t have the courage to move into them. Dear Ones, healing takes courage. It is not easy to drag up those old wounds to look at them and let them go. It takes courage to move beyond the energies of fear and doubt. It takes courage to embrace who you really are regardless of what your loved ones may believe. It takes tremendous courage to hold the light and to stay focused on your intention long enough to create the changes you are here to bring about on Gaia.

What we are seeing is now that things are getting really busy, people are shying away from their innate courage and clinging to those old energies of fear, doubt and victim consciousness.
Sadly, when you allow yourself to fall back into fear, doubt or victim consciousness, you have placed yourself in an energetic plane that makes it very difficult to remember and apply the skills that you have to move you forward. Such a colossal waste of your time and energy.

So, people will say to us, “But Gabriel, I am so tired and worn. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. How can I have courage?” Dear Ones, deep inside of you there always exists a core of truth that will allow you to see beyond fear or doubt. Also, within each and every one of you, the energy of courage exists for you to draw on.

At this point in your soul’s evolution, if you are reading this channel, we can guarantee you that you have had many past life experiences where you have demonstrated and perfected using tremendous courage. It is already there. It exists within you and you may bring forth that skill anytime you desire by simply calling on it and intending to bring it forward. It is that simple.

All of you have already demonstrated remarkable bravery in getting this far. You are creating the New Earth. It is happening! The changes are there all around you for you to plainly see. You are feeling the acceleration and you are feeling the incredible energetic changes that are happening both within yourself and within your beloved planet.

The courage will come whether you ask for it now or whether you wait until you are so battered and worn that there are no other options but to move ahead. We would like to point out that you can choose to move forward with grace and ease NOW, rather than waiting for the energetic bottoming out before you move. It is always your choice, Dear Ones. You do not need to do things the hard way.

Many will say, “But Gabriel, we are afraid, we do not like change!” To which we would answer, if you wish to be afraid of something, perhaps you should be afraid of staying the same! You understand that resistance to growth creates discomfort. What would it look like, if today you decided to call forth the tremendous courage that exists within each and every one of you to step forward and stand tall in your truth and integrity and sheer magnificence? The faster each and every one of you embrace who you really are, the faster you will be creating the brand New Earth you are here to support. Mastery means embracing your authentic power and when you do that you will have healing. You cannot heal if you are giving all your power away.

Remember, Dear Ones, that you are not walking this path alone. Your soul groups are forming. More and more of these groups are coming together to anchor the energy and create a loving, supportive environment to share with each other. You are supported by the love of your passed loved ones, the angels, guides, the ascended Masters, the other world beings. In short, an entire universe is cheering you on! These are glorious times that your soul has been craving to experience. Enjoy it! Cherish it! And know that throughout it all, you are loved beyond measure. This is all we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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