The Window of Opportunity ~ Channeled Dec 21, 2010

Greetings Dear Ones!  We are so pleased to feel your energies and presence here today on this most sacred and holy day.  Those who have been attending the channels will feel that today is most energetically profound as there is much more of our energy coming thru to the group today.  It is an easier alignment day for these energies to come forth.

You are in profound times.  Many of you honor the solstice but do not understand the significance of it.  What the winter solstice does for you, Dear Ones, is it locks in the growth and experiences that you have had within the year.  It is much like in one of your video games – it is a save point or a checkpoint which makes it very profound indeed.  So you are saving your progress today!  How delightful!

You have worked hard.  This has been a particularly difficult year for many with many changes and much forward movement.  Many of you have been floundering.  Some of you have been straddling the fence, so to speak, at times being wonderful examples of who you really are and what you really know and other times slipping back in your humanness into old habits that no longer serve you.  Your growth has been magnificent to watch.  Your souls have been so excited to be part of the energies that are occurring right now.  Do not lose that excitement in your day-to-day life, Dear Ones.  Each and every one of you that is participating in this group is a master.

Now we understand that there has been some confusion about what we mean by group.  The group expands far beyond this room.  The group includes each and every person who reads the words of the channel on your internet or listens to the transmission on audio.  Those who have not awakened yet, should they come across this transmission and read it years from now would become part of the group and this group in particular is truly magnificent.  These channels are growing, Dear Ones, and it is because of you.  It is because you are honoring the words.  You are embracing the wisdom.  You are seeking the guidance.  It is your growth that allows the word to spread.  And each channel reaches more people.  Would you be surprised if we were to tell you that thousands of people would be affected by what you are creating in this room today?  And yet many of you will walk out of here and forget that you are truly that magnificent.

This group is filled with old and ancient souls – the wisdom of millennia.  This group is filled with healers and seers and prophets and teachers.  There is a magnificent master in our midst who understands that his only purpose is to just be.  What beauty there is in that!  It is so pure it could bring us to tears.

You are here today because your souls want you to move forward.  Your souls want you to step forward into the new energies embracing your mastery.  And you are sitting in the midst of a window of opportunity that has not been seen on this planet thus far, this is how pivotal and important the energies are right now.  You have a window of opportunity from this day until the new moon to leave behind your old stories, your reasons, your excuses, the lies that you believe about yourselves and to create for yourselves the empowered life experience that you are here to have.

Many of you have been learning for several years, educating yourselves, reading, learning, listening, taking classes, gathering skills and despite your vast education at this point many of you are forgetting to apply what you know.  Please know that you are loved whatever decision you make.  We are not like your Santa Claus, Dear Ones – if you forget we do not put a big black mark next to your name!  (laughter) You are loved no matter what you decide to do but you are here because you want to have the most empowered life experience available to you and you wish to participate in creating the new earth.

Your guides who are in this room with you right now have brought you here to listen to this to understand the magnificent opportunity you have before you.  We implore you, Dear Ones, remember what you came here to do!  Step forward into the infinite possibilities of your new year with a light heart and with clear intention, understanding that you are masters and choosing to let the world see that.  Teach through your examples.  That is what the Christed energy is here to remind you of.  This is what the Christ did – he taught magnificently through his example.  The entire universe is working together to assist you.  Harvest those wonderful energies and use them to create the new earth.  You are the ones who are here to do it!  Do you see how important each and every one of you are?  Love yourselves! See yourselves in your glory!  Share your love!  Feel again! Open your hearts again, Dear Ones!

We understand that many of you have struggled.  Many of you have come from painful places but that is the story and the story is over.  What would your life look like if you understood that you can heal completely?  What would your life be like if you understood that you would never be hurt again or disappointed again or want for anything ever again?  We suggest that you start living like that now.  And understand as you start to embody those energies that will become your reality.  It truly is that simple.   What a beautiful system.  Take your focus off of others and put it on yourselves and let your glory shine.  If each and every person in this group does it, that is all that is required to change the earth.  This is the level of power you all possess.  This is so beautiful and exciting for us to see.  Honor one another.  Stand in your truth.  Stay true to your integrity.  Love.  Embody what the energies of the holidays encourage us to do.

Now, as we move forward into the energies of the new year there will be many events that will be adjusting the planet energetically.  Do not allow this to throw you.  This is a releasing process.  Do not allow this to throw you into fear.  Many of you have had very difficult experiences in other lifetimes where playing with these teachings and energies did not work out well for you, so seeing large events can trigger difficult memories in you.  We are here to assure you that these are very different times, indeed.  You need not walk in fear. If you wish to be afraid of something, be afraid of not embracing the new energies and keeping yourselves small.

Everything is in place to assist you in moving forward. The planets are cooperating.  Gaia is cooperating.  You are assisting each other.  We often say it is a fool proof system and this is the truth because if you stray out of your highest alignment, it will correct itself very quickly because you will find yourselves becoming most uncomfortable, indeed, and that will remind you to step back into alignment with who you really are.

The last thing we wish for you to understand is the importance of supporting each other.  You will find that there will be many souls who cross your paths who act as magnificent magnifiers to your energetic state.  They may be teachers, they may be new friendships, they could be people from your old circle who have done exponential growth and come back in to assist you.  If you have not had these souls crossing your paths yet, please know they will come and they will be incredibly supportive.  They will be there to show you a glimpse of the unity consciousness energy that we are moving towards.  So protect yourselves much like you would protect a beloved child.  Do not choose to be around those who dishonor you whose agendas are to keep you small.  Bless them for where they are but neither try to force them into growth that they are not ready for nor allow them to keep you small.  Reach out to those who make your heart sing, to those who make you feel joy, to those who help you to stay in the energies of being who you really are because those supports are placed on your path for a reason.  As you connect with them and as you play this wonderful role for each other the circles will expand and there will be more and more who will come and the communities will grow.  Do you see?  Ever expanding circles of unconditional love and support.  This is what you can create right now, Dear Ones, and this is what we wish to leave you with today, on this most sacred and holy day.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

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