Etherically Speaking ~ These energies…or should I say ener-geez?!

Oh my goodness. What a roller coaster ride! I am normally not a big crier. I’m really good at sucking things up and being stoic. I randomly started crying Thursday morning and literally could not stop for a good couple of hours. There was just no avoiding it, whether I like it or not I was just going to feel the feelings. Then the next day I had a hard time even remembering what I was all worked up about (that btw is a sign that you really have released).

We are having some POWERFUL releases followed by integrating new energies. Common symptoms: weepiness, mild nausea, sleeping like a log followed by not. sleeping. at. all. Being energized one day/completely fatigued the next. Dry, gritty, burning eyes/trouble seeing. Headaches/neck issues. Sudden pockets of complete normalcy followed by another round of emotional crazy. Feeling like your dreams could actually come true and then feeling irrational fear about that. Good Lord.

In the midst of all of this, there is a definite feeling of being guided and there being magic in the air. Number signs and synchronicities abound, as do other signs such as feathers and animal totems. There are moments of absolutely clarity, and plenty of opportunities for us to practice what we know. What I do know about really fast roller coaster energies is the best way to get through them is to surrender and enjoy the ride. Remember, this is the one we all lined up for and couldn’t wait to experience. Stay present, keep your sense of humour, throw your hands up in the air and scream if you need to. I’ll take this over an endless feeling lull any day. :)

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