Archangel Gabriel

Transitioning into a New Year ~ Channeled January 3, 2011

We understand that there are many who are being challenged by the energies of right now.  We would like to provide a more expanded explanation of what is going on.  We wish to assure you that all is wonderfully going according to plan, and that things should start to feel lighter and more supportive within the next two weeks of your time.

Dear Ones, please know you are never given more than you can handle.  We understand that you are tired, many of you are feeling quite battered, indeed, having gone through many intense astrological alignments, shifts of energy, influxes into your physical bodies, releases and challenges of the like.

This has been a particularly intense period of your time since the time of the summer solstice.  This was honoring what the year was meant to accomplish for both you and the planet.  Much like when you move through a full moon or eclipse, the energies can be felt as pressuring before, during and after, so it is with the ending of one year and the beginning of another.  There is frequently an energetic overlap, if you will, as you shift from the energies and agendas of one year into the energies and agendas of the next.

So in many ways the holidays and new year energies can be trying.  In this case you have the added pleasure of dealing with two eclipses as well. (smiles) Now, we spoke of the winter solstice doing the wonderful job of locking in or saving the progress that has been attained throughout the year.  After the winter solstice, many of you celebrate your holiday season.  It is at the time of Christmas day, the day that celebrates the Christed energies and the energies of peace, joy and unconditional love, that there is an energetic assessment, if you will, that examines if there is an energetic divide between that energy and what is required to match the energies of the new year.

Now, planetarily what you will find is that if a lightening is required in order to support the energies of the new year, you may see may see shifting of the earth.  This is why the great tsunami occurred immediately after Christmas.  Energetically Gaia and her inhabitants were nowhere near in line with the energies of the year to come.  The resulting release from the planet and outpouring of compassion amongst mankind beautifully raised the vibration and gave the energy and momentum required to move forward in earnest.  This is why you saw the Haiti earthquake at the beginning of 2010.  It is very, very common to see various energetic adjustments occurring between Christmas and the mid point of January.  It is setting the energetic tone required for the coming year.

Dear Ones, did you know that this happens on an energetic level to those having a human experience as well?  The old dense energy of old wounds and expired belief systems may come up to be released  so you can move into alignment with the energies of the new year.  Many of you find the holiday season challenging.  Many of you fall into a funk once the holidays are completed.  Many of you are experiencing old memories, old emotions, old pain that you thought that you had dealt with.  This is merely honoring what the year of 2010 was meant to do for you.  It was designed for you to release whatever you did not wish to bring with you into the new earth.  Many of you worked tirelessly throughout 2010, working hard on your healing and letting go of what no longer honored you.

You’ve all done a wonderful job!  You are moving forward splendidly with courage and grace and indefatigable hope.  You are also understanding more and more your role of creator and teacher by example.  This is what thrills us in ways that you cannot even imagine.

In your humanness, some of you have not wanted to look at the last vestiges of your old wounds.  Dear Ones, they cannot hurt you any longer.  They serve no more purpose.  Their purpose was to get you to where you are now.  They have done their job.  They have no importance to you anymore.

So you do not need to keep those old wounds tamped down tightly any longer.  They have no power over you.  If they come up, do not panic.  Do not take it as a sign that you haven’t done enough.  If they come up, celebrate!  Feel the joy that such old energy is leaving once and for all because it is not who you are any longer.  This is a marvelous event when it happens and if you see it for what it is, you will not get stuck in the fear that the healing will never be done.  We have suggested before that you look at old pain, old wounds as they come up to leave as a wonderful parade.  Wave at it them on their way by with joy and excitement, knowing that they will not be stopping at your place on the parade route.

Every time old painful memories come up, it is not a sign of your woundedness, it is a sign of your new healed state!  It is something to be heralded as great achievement.  So please know, Dear Ones, as you move forward on your journey that where you are going is better than where you’ve ever been.  You have done the work and the fruits of your labor will become more and more evident in this new year.  This is what we wish for you to know today.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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