Vacationing to Ascension ~ Channeled November 6, 2010

We wish to speak to you about the energies of the now.  We understand that there has been much talk of the importance of the now and the importance of being fully present.  Many teachings will have you believe that you must obtain stillness in order to experience the vast beauty of the now.  While it is certainly true that stillness can indeed allow you to access the beauty of the now, it is not the only way.  Many enlightening human beings get frustrated because they are not able to shut off their very busy brains long enough to access that moment.

Dear Ones, your brains are not your enemy!  They are only problematic if they are being used in a way that is not moving you forward.  You are aware that you are creators and you understand that you create your reality through your thoughts and emotions.  If your thoughts are frequently going to the energies of the past or the unknown of the future, it opens the door for you to indulge in the energies of fear, doubt, resistance and guilt. As you are manifesting in record time, these are definitely not energies that are supportive to the enlightening human being. Many of you understand this concept and have done a very good job in moving into mastery of your thoughts in your desire to move forward on your paths.

And though there is great improvement in the thought processes in general, many still profess to having a hard time just staying in the now.  They see it as a skill that they do not have.  Dear Ones, in reality it is a skill that you have already honed.  You just don’t realize it yet!

Any human being on the planet who has taken a vacation has experienced the energies of being in the now.  When you are on a vacation, you are instantly enjoying each and every moment, each and every new opportunity, adventure and landscape you experience.  You do not worry about the past or the future.  You wholeheartedly surrender into the experience you are having in each and every moment.

While on vacation, each and every day is approached like a grand adventure, moving into whatever experience will bring you the most joy.  It is allowing your soul to sing with delight in every moment.  Sadly, for some human beings, this is the only time they experience the bliss of being in the now.  They understand that vacations are integral to their wellbeing, in fact, many human beings will live their lives every year around those one or two weeks of bliss, and the rest of their year is spent plodding along. How very sad this is to us because you clearly get that being in vacation mode is rejuvenating and vital to your wellbeing.

Dear Ones, if you can embody those energies during a vacation, you can embody them any time!  It is a skill you already possess.  What would your day to day life look like if you treated it with the same sense of joy and wondrous anticipation?  Your life would be most joyful indeed!  We find it interesting that many will refer to their enlightenment as a journey and yet treat it so differently than any other travels they may enjoy.

Vacation means I am removing myself from the density.  You can choose to do that any time you like.  You do not need to physically remove yourself from your location in order to give yourself balance and relief.  You can create it wherever you are by simply employing the same behaviors and energies that you would while on vacation in your day to day life.

In reality, your path to enlightenment is the grandest vacation you will ever experience.  It is your journey to the promised land.  So we encourage you to see it in the same light, to turn each and every one of your days into days of enjoyment, anticipation, adventure, gratitude and wonderment.   If you do this, you will not be experiencing these energies only one or two weeks a year, you will be living fully every single day. This is what we have for you today.

Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Transcribed by Terri DeMarco

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