Daily Message – Friday April 13

So much about the ascension process is achieving balance – balance between being a spiritual being and a human being, balance as a healer, balance as a helper…all striving for that place of empowering others and empowering the self. There is not one magical place of balance outside yourself that you can find that is static and unmoving. The balance you are looking for shifts and changes constantly with the flow and the shifting energy all around you. For example, where you might find balance one day might be totally different after a solar flare or any other large influx of energy. It might be appropriate to practice accepting and allowing with another, but if they fall very ill you might need to offer more support than usual. Other times, you may need to retreat and spend some time in solitude for some much needed self care to stay in your own balance. These wild fluctuations can make things very confusing as you try to stay in appropriateness. Dear Ones, do not fear. Deep in your core you will always find the answer. If you stop, just for a moment, and ask yourself if in that moment you are empowering others and honouring yourself you will always stay in the balance you seek.
~Archangel Gabriel

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