Daily Message ~ Friday April 17, 2015

As you are having a human experience, it is common to believe you are separate from Source. But in reality, you are a part of Source energy, and the separation is illusion. Simply ask to connect back to the energy of Home and feel the unconditional love wash over you. Know that you can move into that alignment whenever you choose, simply by intending to. See that the beauty of Source energy is everywhere, in a butterfly, in a flower, in a snowflake, in the songs of birds, in the rising sun, in the stars in the sky, and in the mirror. Source energy is the constant, it is all that is, and as you start to see it as where you came from, and that you are surrounded by it, you will start to live from a place of deep joy in the present moment, enjoying the connectedness and unconditional love that is always there for you. There is never, ever a time when you are not part of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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