Daily Message ~ Friday April 19, 2013

Some people resist moving into their healing because they cling to their woundedness as a means of proving to another how horribly they treated them. They think if they heal, it is somehow condoning how they were treated. By continuing to wave their wounds like a flag, it is a convoluted way of attempting to make the other pay for their actions, to keep them in regret and guilt. Dear Ones, do not deny yourself the healing your soul craves! It is your ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small, that keeps you in this cycle of being right and making others wrong. All that does is perpetuate victim consciousness and keep you in a place of discomfort. Truly healing from those past wounds is essential for you to bloom and grow. Love yourselves enough to put your healing, your wellness, your authentic power, your ability to thrive at the top of your priorities. By doing so, you will take yourself out of the disempowered cycle of pain/blame and give yourself the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. ~Archangel Gabriel

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