Daily Message ~ Friday April 25, 2014

Dear Ones, the idea that you have to “go it alone” is simply not true. You have so many loving guides and helpers, as well as your own higher self, Source, the masters, the angels, an entire universe, all sending you love and happy to assist whenever you ask! So many of you are struggling so unnecessarily. Simply ask for help. That is what activates your team. Then, surrender and flow, and you will find yourself moving into a life of far greater ease.

You are not embracing being part of the greater whole if you continue to wear yourselves down thinking you must accomplish everything on your own. Do you see? Unity consciousness means accepting the assistance that is your divine right and working with greater whole you are part of. You cannot support moving into unity consciousness and continue to live by the illusion of separation consciousness at the same time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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