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Daily Message ~ Friday August 5, 2022

Dear Ones, you cannot resist and create at the same time. You cannot resist and flow at the same time. You can’t resist and discover, or laugh, or love, or heal, or release, or receive, or accept, or do any of the things that bring you joy at the same time.

Simply put resistance is an energy that cannot get you where you wish to go. It is a deeply ingrained 3D habit of the human experience and what you are seeking to evolve beyond.

So we highly suggest the next time you find yourself having a knee jerk reaction into resistance that you pause and explore why. Your new level of consciousness knows it is simply old conditioning that was born from fear, doubt, separation, and judgement. A little bit of encouragement from your inner wise one can be all it takes to shift out of the resistance into some empowered forward movement.

What you do not wish to do is resist your inner resister, as that will only dig you in deeper and put you in a tug of war with yourself. Acceptance, understanding, love, and guidance are what you are looking for to feel more comfortable with exploration and expansion. As you get more experienced with offering that to yourself the old habit of immediate resistance will start to fade and will be replaced with a new curiosity and zest for life. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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