Daily Message ~ Friday February 15, 2013

We find an interesting phenomena in human beings.  They tend to either avoid responsibility for self and growth, and will indulge in endless ways to keep themselves unconscious, or they will be hyper vigilant and berate themselves endlessly with negative self talk.  Dear Ones, neither of these approaches will move you forward into your authentic power!  As the human beings of light step forward as their authentic selves, they will be self responsible and self aware.  They will recognize cues that something requires correction and respond quickly to keep themselves in forward movement.  But the critical difference here is they will do so from a place of unconditional love for self.  Imagine honouring yourself so completely that you could self correct as lovingly as a parent would correct a small child.  This is the balance you seek, Dear Ones, and this is exactly the way of the enlightening human being.  Operating in such a way will assure you continued forward movement in a much more joyful, present, and supportive manner, allowing you to shine your brightest at all times. ~Archangel Gabriel

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