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Daily Message ~ Friday January 25, 2019

You can often tell how healed you are by how much trauma you include in your personal story you share with others. While there is no doubt that traumatizing events are defining points in your incarnation, how you recount them can be very informative to you.

Do you see it as something that ultimately created growth and expansion? Did you gain strength and insight from it? Or do you still see yourself as a victim, powerless, or somehow broken from the event?

Many of you have been telling the same story for years. Listen to how you tell your history to others you have just met. Is it still an active wound or are you telling the story by habit? Does that old story truly match who you are today? Or has the energies of the past year released it to the point that there is no longer energetic charge to it?

You get to choose how you define yourself. We are not for a second suggesting that you should stuff or bury emotion, but rather to see how you are in unprecedented energies and many of those old events are very far removed from you now. Can you take the gifts of the experience and leave the rest behind? Can you see it as simply a stepping stone to who you are today? How much lighter would you feel if you did? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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